This web site was created to provide a forum to agronomists and agricultural researchers working on all aspects of increasing crop production in the humid tropics. The focus is currently on Sub-Saharan Africa and on maize / cassava systems. The initiative to have a web site dedicated to agronomy in the humid tropics arose from a call for proposals launched by CIMMYT, specifically requesting research on maize /cassava systems in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC), a country with major problems of food security and poorly supported National Agricultural Research and Extension System (NARES). The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) won the contract and has formed an alliance with young members of the NARES in DRC.

Currently 4 staff of INERA (Institute National pour les Etudes et la Recherché Agricole) and one staff of the University of Kinshasa, are conducting trials on the compatibility of maize and cassava varieties in four locations of the south western DRC lowlands.

We look at this to be only the start with a vision to develop this web site into a large forum for all interested in alleviating hunger and poverty through agronomic research. Although the focus is on maize / cassava systems, we invite researchers and interested practitioners and the general public to contribute their ideas and suggestions.
A second reason for this web site is to provide concrete information and data to researchers looking for approaches to solve problems in crop production, crop protection and seed systems. Our aim is not only to foster agronomic research but as well to develop technologies and crop production systems to stages that will be adoptable by a wide range of farmers.