• Next Generation Agronomy, Cassava Harvest
    Farmers on the Plateau de Bateke, DR Congo enjoying a good cassava harvest
  • Next Generation Agronomy, maize grains
    A selection of different maize varieties from DR Congo
  • Next Generation Agronomy, cassva planting sticks
    Properly cut cassava planting sticks

Welcome to the Next Generation Agronomy Web Site.

The humid Tropics of Sub-Saharan Africa is the region of the world with the lowest increase in food production, the lowest yields for the major food crops and accordingly high levels of poverty and malnutrition.

Cassava and maize are the most important crops and often grown in association, yet little has been done to optimize this intercrop and information is lacking on the compatibility of cassava and maize varieties to maximize yields. This web site was initiated to communicate research results of a CIMMYT funded project conducted by IITA in the Democratic Republic of Congo, titled

Assessment of the suitability for intercropping of contrasting maize and cassava varieties under intensified agronomic regimes along a transect through southern DR Congo

While this is a project with a strong geographic and crop focus the vision is to develop this web site into a general forum for agronomists and other researchers working on solutions to problems in food production in humid tropical Sub-Saharan Africa.